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Pakistan steel industry 


Steel Industry after Pakistan Independence

After independence in 1947, it did not take long for Pakistan to come to the realization that progressive industrial and economical development would be impossible without the possession of a self reliant iron and steel making plant. The dependence on imports would cause serious setbacks to the country along with an extortionately high import bill which would be impossible to support.

The initial idea for a domestic iron and steel mill was put forward in the first five year plan of Pakistan (1955 - 1960). Debates over the manufacturing process, supply sources of the requisite machinery and raw materials, plant site, domestic ore versus imported ore, ownership pattern, product mix and above all foreign financing credit kept the project on hold for a considerable time.

In 1968 besides other factors, it was considered by the Government of Pakistan that a basic steel industry should be established in the public sector, as public sponsorship of the project would enable integrated development of the steel industry in the country. In light of this, the government decided that the Karachi Steel Project should be sponsored in the public sector for which a separate Corporation under the Companies Act be formed.

Pakistan Steel Mills

In January, 1969, Pakistan Steel concluded an agreement with V/O Tiajproexport of the then USSR for the preparation of a feasibility report into the establishment of a steel mill at Karachi. Subsequently in January, 1971 Pakistan and the USSR signed an agreement under which the latter agreed to provide techno-financial assistance for the construction of a coastal based integrated steel mill at Karachi.

The foundation stone for this gigantic project was laid on the 30th of December, 1973. The mammoth construction and erection work of the integrated steel mill, never experienced before in the country, was carried out by a consortium of Pakistani construction companies under the supervision of Soviet experts.

Foundation stone of Pakistan Steel was laid on 30th December, 1973. Pakistan Steel is Pakistan's largest industrial complex, comprising component units numbering more than 20.  Pakistan Steel is strategically located 40km south east of Karachi in close vicinity to port Muhammed Bin Qasim. Pakistan Steel is a costal site which lies on the National Highway and is linked to the railway network. Spread overan area of 18,600 acres (29 square miles) with 10,390 acres for the main plant, 8070 acres for the township and 200 acres for the water reservoir.

Pakistan Steel specialize in the production of flat steel products including, billets, slabs, hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils, galvanised sheets/coils/formed sections and corrugated sheets. We are vital to the supply of high quality and cost effective steel products to the domestic market. Pakistan Steel's constant efforts in continuous improvement and quality management have resulted in
accreditation in ISO 9001, 14001, 17025, SA 8000 and OHSAS 18001.

Some Facts about Pakistan Steel Mill.

Organization Name:  Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation (PVT) LTD.
Foundation Stone:
Laid on 30th December, 1973
40 km East of Karachi
Production Capacity:
1.1 Million Ton of Steel Expandable upto 3.0 Million Ton per annum.
Main Products:
Coke, Pig Iron, Billets, Cold Rolled Sheets, Hot Rolled Sheets, Galvanized Sheets.

Main Units Products Equipment
Coke Oven & By Product Plant Coke 02 Batteries each contains 49 ovens
Sintering Plant Sinter 02 sinter Machines
Iron Making Department Pig Iron 02 Blast Furnaces
Steel Making Plant Cast Bloom, Cast Billet, Cast Slab 02 L.D.Converters,
01 Bloom Caster
01 Billet Caster
02 Slab Casters
Billet Mill Billets 800 mm Reversible Stand
Hot Strip Mill H.R.Coils / Plates 02 Reheating Furnaces 1700 mm Universal stand
Cold Rolling Mill C.R. Coils / Sheets,Galvanized,Coils / sheets, H.R. Sheets Four high reversible machines 01 bell type Annealing furnace
Thermal Power Plant & Turbo Blower Station Electricity 110 MW 3 Generators of 55 mw each
Iron Ore & Coal Jetty unloaders having 27.5 ton lifting capacity and 1000 ton/hour unloading capacity 02 unloader which 7km conveyor belt upto plant for dumping through universal machines


Steell Mills in Private Sector

About 15 Arc furnaces of capacity 5 mt were installed in the private sector in early 70's and they have started their production to support Pakistan Steel Mills in producing steel in the country. And now, there are more than 140 steel melting induction furnaces installed in different areas of Pakistan who are producing good quality steel to meet Pakistan's steel requirments.
As Arc furnaces are expensive and takes longer production time than Induction furnaces, so most of the private sector is shifted to Induction furnaces. Private factories are now producing steel with latest technology induction furnaces and they are trying their best to compete the international market.

Pakistan Steel mills is producing about 1 million ton per year steel where private sector is producing 30 million ( including billet, rebars, channel and angle etc) The other requirements are fulfilled with ship breaking and other steel products.

Other Steel Related Development in Pakistan

People steel, Karachi is also one of the founders in steel industry. Now they have Arc and induction furnaces and producing different rolled products.

Now Saudi Arabia has also invested in the Pakistan Steel industry through renown company             "Al-Tuwairqi Steel Mills". They are installing the billet caster of about 1 million mt per year.

Pakistan Steel is also utilizing the available deposits of Iron ore in Pakistan with small quantity and after Al-Tuwairqi install their plant, they will use the available deposits of iron ore in Pakistan will also utilize these deposits.

The other private factories are working to utilize the available resources of iron ore in Pakistan and Inshallah very they will provide a better result of it to the Pakistan Steel Industry and the requirement of steel in Pakistan will be fulfilled.



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