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Become a member

Any person qualified to be or desirous of becoming a member of the association shall submit to the regional committee of the region in which he resides, or to the Secretary General, an application in the form prescribed by the Executive Committee, duly proposed by a member of the association and seconded by another together with the admission fee be submitted.

a.  Where an application is submitted to the regional committee that committee shall after scrutinizing the application forward it to the secretary along with its observation and recommendations.

b.  At the meeting held next after the receipt of the application, the secretary shall place the application before the Executive Committee and the decision of the committee shall be final.

Rights And Privileges Of A Member.

Every member of the association shall be entitled to:-

a. To vote at all General Meeting of the association.
b. All the privileges which may be conferred on the members by the association from time to time.

Download Membership Application Form

Please click link below to download/open PSMA Membership Application Form. (You require Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed on your system to open Application Form.)

PSMA Membership Form



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