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Pakistan Steel Melters Association is a non profit organization formed in 1996 Change it as " is a Trade Body set-up in 1978 to watch interests of the Steel Melters and to form a single platform where all melters gather and jointly fight for speedy resolution of their genuine problems with the government" .Our current members are over 120 from all over Pakistan related to the steel melting process. The Association encourages direct contact between all its members to keep each member informed of global and domestic market trends and sees its primary roles as a forum to bring together the multitude of interests involved either directly or indirectly in the steel industry and growing the markets for intermediate steel products.

The PSMA supports the need for a viable, efficient and responsive domestic steel industry and has been focused in the past on ensuring Pakistan has a truly competitive market supply for all domestic users and converters of steel products by an active and competitive import sector of intermediate steel products for further value adding domestically. These imports generally have resulted in the domestic suppliers becoming more cost efficient producers of steel specializing in those products they can produce at world competitive prices.

The PSMA openly promotes the economic growth of steel consumption in Pakistan and fully supports the importation of fairly priced intermediate steel products required by Pakistani steel users and consumers in the manufacturing, mining, commerce and rural sectors.

Mission Statement

To act as a bridge between the government and Steel Melting enterprises. 

1. Who have least beneficial or never had the opportunity to access...

2. To help support and motivate the members to progress onto further expansions and ultimately improvements.

 PSMA History

The Pakistan Steel Melters Association was established on 20 Aug 1978. The founding members were as under:-

  • Name Company & Address

    1. Mr. Mahmood Ali Bhatti.                    
    Punjab Steel Limited
    54-Shahrah-e-Quid-e-Azam, Lahore
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace
    2. Mr. Gul Muhammad. Kamran Steel Re-Rolling Mills,
    7/83, Shahrah-e-Quid-e-Azam, Lahore.
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace

    3. Mr. Javed Shafi. Javed Pervez corporation
    32-Empress Road Lahore.
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace
    4. Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Nawaz Shahbaz Corporation
    32-Empress Road, Lahore.
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace
    5. Sh. Muhammad Ismail Sh. Allah Ditta Abdul Rashid Steel
    Beco Road, Badami Bagh, Lahore.
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace
    6. Mr. Muhammad Safdar Khan Electromolt
    145,Multan Road, Lahore.
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace
    7. Mr. Zahur-ul-Hasan Life Metal Works,
    128 Ferozepur Road,Lahore.
    Owner, Steel Melting Furnace

    Witnesses to the above founders
    Lt. Col. ABDULHAMID (Retd.)

  • This association is a recognized body by the Government of Pakistan. It is also a member of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The registered head office of the association is located in Lahore – in the province of Punjab.


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