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PSMA Aims and objectives


  • To protect, promote, aid, encourage and develop Steel melting industry throughout Pakistan ;

  • To encourage, promote, inculcate and foster spirit of friendliness, unity and co-operation and cordial business and trade relations, and dealings among persons engaged in the manufacture, trade and business of.

  • To encourage manufacture of Steel to specific standards and to educate the public in the selection and use of standard quality of different types of Steels in the interest of national economy ;

  • To adopt a common Trade Mark of the Association to be affixed on the products of its members

  • To ensure for members grant of adequate Import Licenses, Permits, quotas etc. for basic raw materials, spare parts, equipment’s, capital goods etc. required by them ;

  • To encourage the discovery of suitable indigenous raw material as far as possible, and to promote, encourage and undertake experimental and research works for the benefit of steel melters and to assist and co-operate with the Government in that behalf ;

  • To arrange for the proper display and marketing of the articles manufactured by the members of the Association ;

  • To become member and co-operate with the institution or institution having objects similar to those of this Association, and to seek affiliations with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry ;

  • To establish branches and Sub-Committees in Karachi/ Lahore and other important towns of Pakistan, and to define functions of such branches and Sub-Committees and make rules and regulations therefore, and to delegate or with draw powers to and from them as may be deemed fit from time to time ;

  • To regulate prices, arrange pools, establish trusts and to frame rules and regulations in respect of the business of the member ;

  • To arrange for encourage and training of Technical personnel in the interest of the Steel Melting Industry.

  • to arrange for adequate financing of the member on suitable terms and conditions if possible ;

  • To borrow or raise money for the purpose of Association upon such terms and conditions and on such securities as may be determined reasonable, and in particular by mortgage, charge or lien or any of the properties of the Association ;

  • To secure and accept subscriptions, donations, subsidies, gifts, endowments and properties, and generally to obtain money and property for the objects of the Association ; and to invest, apply or deal with the same in such manner as may be deemed expedient ;

  • To assist member in all possible ways ordinarily, and particularly when their business interest or trade is affected, prejudiced or jeopardized ;

  • to settle the trade disputes and/or arbitrate between the members and to enforce the awards and decisions of the arbitration upon the disputants ;

  • To suggest, promote or oppose legislative and other measures bearing upon Steel Melting Industry and to obtain charges and improvements in the law and Bye-Laws that are detrimental to the Steel Melting Industry.

  • To collect useful information and statistics and to supply the same to the members of the Association or to the Government or to others who are concerned ;

  • To obtain sanctions, privileges, advantages, relief co-operation etc., from any authority in t he interest of the Steel Melting Industry.

  • To accept, draw, endorse and execute cheques, bills of exchange promissory notes and other negotiable instruments ;

  • To acquire, buy, sell take or lease, construct or dispose of lands ; buildings and other articles and properties in the best interest of the Association ;

  • To incur necessary expenses (including preliminary expenditure) and to invest the money of the Association on any enterprise for the benefit of the members as a whole provided that the money so invested is not immediately required by the Association ;

  • To establish and maintain a library for the members, when possible ;

  • To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects.




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