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There is a fully equipped business and professional library and reading room facilities. The library is located on the second floor of the College and has an ever-growing stock of books. There is a full-time Librarian to assist students. In addition students are full members of a major university library in London and have access to The British Information Service of the British Library which holds all the management journals and has one of the largest business databases in the UK.


I. T. Facilities

The College also has 2 fully equipped computer laboratories with the most up to date hardware and software. Students have personal access to the laboratories and can use special software for : Study Skills, Business Mathematics, Economic Environment, Excel, etc. as well as the CD Rooms. In addition the laboratories are used to word process student's assignments. Students can also gain access to the Internet and email facilities.



The full-time administration staff includes Director of Studies, Registrar, Student Counselor, and other support staff. This means that students are always able to receive help with any academic or personal problems and that their progress is closely monitored.





Teaching Staff

The lecturers on the course are a combination of top lecturers from London Universities, lecturers with experience of both Professional and Degree courses and some of the lectures will be delivered by the University of East London staff. This ensures that the degree teaching will be of the highest standard.




Food and Drink

Hot and cold drinks are available in the College. There are also restaurants, snack bars and fast food establishments within five minutes' walk






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